It’s so Swedish: or is it?

I am a curious person, so when I stumbled on a list of things that american people thinks is true about what life in Sweden is like, I read it.
And no surprises really. Meatballs and Ikea. Abba. Cold. Got it.

And there are a few things that almost always are thought about Sweden. So what is actually true?
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New style statement necklace

So, I finally finished that chain necklace with pearls. And while I was at it I made one with black beads too. I really like that it is different from “usual” necklaces I make, where I keep the beads in the middle. But here the pearls/beads spread out on the sides instead, and the middle is only the slim chain. It is a new style statement necklace.

I hope to have these in the shop soon! I might do more of these in the future. 🙂

Testing a new idea

I know I really can’t draw, but maybe you can guess by my sketch where this new idea is going. It’s my work in progress right now.

Chains will replace the areas where there are only lines, and all pearls will be on one side. More and more for each strand. If the finished version will be like the sketch, I have no idea. Still early days in this design.

I hope to show it to you soon!

The gray statement necklace

I finally finished the gray statement necklace. It only took me a couple of weeks.

It is not that it actually takes that long to make it, I estimate that the beading took maybe four hours, but with a day job and other parts of the business needing its time too, then it can be a while before I find those left over hours. You could say that life got in the way.

Do I regret that I decided to make it? Of course not. In my head I am already planning a white one.  🙂