About me

I am swedish. So I was brought up in a true Ikea home, complete with the bookshelf Billy and everything. White furniture, white walls. Even though the kitchen started out in a 70’s yellow and brown it was also turned into a minimalist white over the years.

The keep it simple, scandianvian style, is deeply rooted in my soul. Now, as an adult, my house is (no surprise here) white, with a few selected furniture items in black.

arbetsplatsnyWhen I am creating jewelry my scandinavian background is often reflected in the colors I use.
I just love that grey scale. Search for black or white in my shop and you will find a wide range of items. And my inner rocker girl often surfaces which adds an edgy look.

But sometimes, and just sometimes, a rebel inside comes out and makes something completely bursting with color. Those creations I blame on my alter ego – aniT.

I hope you will find something you like,
Tina Lindholm Kanerva