New black chain

It was really fun making my first pieces with a new black chain. This metal chain is treated so that it looks dark, and I think it makes it have a more rocker look. This first time I made a necklace with sparkly beads and a pair of earrings where I played with the two nuances of the chains.

Let me know what you think!

I hope to have these up in my shop soon!

Another bracelet

I have been doing a lot of paper work lately. Trying to close the books for last year. But I did take the time to make another bracelet.

This time the multi stranded cuff bracelet is made with green aventurine stones and glass beads. I decided to combine the green with grey and black beads because of the way the stones vary in color.

I really like how this one turned out. If you are curious about others in the same style you can find more bracelets in my shop and also more bracelets on Etsy.

The bracelet is already available in the shop!

Something new

Layered choker necklace turquoise grey seed beadsIt is quite fun when you design something new, it is a challenge. You don’t know if it will turn out good or not.

This time it is the multi stranded choker I made, where I did not know if combining two colors sort of half and half would look nice. But hey, you can only try…

I am happy with how it looks, the grey and the turquoise do look nice together. And also I like the idea that I got that there are some beads that are among the “wrong” color.

This choker necklace has more strands than the other beaded chokers I have made before, because I wanted it to get more of a chunky look, so I made this one with eight strands.

Minimalist bib necklace clear glass drop beadsI also made a new bib necklace, using only clear glass beads that looks like drops. This minimalist style small statement necklace can be worn with any outfit.

Both these necklaces can already be found in my shop.




It’s a kind of purple

New purple bracelets

I started to make a few new items, and suddenly I realised, that two of them are sort of purple bracelets. So I thought it was perfect to make my first blog post about new items from 2019 a themed one.

So here they are my (sort of) purple bracelets, one with small seed beads and one cuff bracelet, but both in layers.

The new bracelets are already in my shop! And if you like layered bracelets, don’t miss out on looking in the section for layered bracelets in my etsy shop!

Happy 2019!

Happy New Year! I know it is the middle of January already, and it might be a little late to wish you a happy new year, but fortunately a wish can’t hurt.

So, do you make resolutions? In the past I have never made any promises, because I know myself too well. But this year I actually have some plans that I would like to make a reality. So here we go…

My three point plan for 2019

  • Start to exercise. I need to start working out. In my day job I sit at a desk all day, and (as you might imagine) my creative life also means sitting a lot. So doing some kind of workout would make a big difference for my health.
  • Travel by train. I love to travel and see different places and cultures. I have become more concerned about the effects of flying a lot over the years, so this time I would like to choose a more environmentally friendly way to travel. The plan is that this years summer vacation will go by train.
  • Think before I shop. This is on the same path as above, for the environment. This will be the easiest thing to fulfill actually since I’m not a big shopper anyway. And I have cheated and started last year. I don’t need to be cool and have the latest phone, or anew lamp just because it is pretty, and so on. As long as it’s working – it stays.

Do you have any special plans for this new year? Let me know in the comments below.

New jewelry? Patience, it is coming… Next week I hope, so stay tuned!

Copper necklaces in the making

Copper necklaces work in progress

Work in progress

Sometimes I forget materials I have in my drawers. When I rediscovered this copper chain I realised that it would go so well with the turquoise ceramic beads I have. So I started to make a necklace.

I also plan one with black faceted onyx and matte black agate stones. So keep tuned!

Previously made pieces can be found in my shop or in my etsy shop!

Pick and mix candy

pick and mix candy

Pick and mix candy in a supermarket. Photo from wikipedia.

Pick and mix candy – is it so swedish?

Swedes eat the most sweets in the world. According to statistics from 2014 we eat about 18 kilo of candy per person and year. And I must confess that my family probably is one that brings that number up…

These pick and mix shelves are in every supermarket, and have been around since the mid 1980’s. When I was young it was quite expensive compared to buying other types of candy but today it is a cheap type of sweet. A normal price is 7 or 8 euro (8 or 9 US dollars) for a kilo, while a bag of sweet range from anything like 9 to 15 euro per kilo.

I have seen pick and mix candy shops in other countries, but I wonder how common it is with pick and mix shelves everywhere … how is it in your countries?

Looking forward to learning about your countries sweet habits!