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Why does it take so long?

New bib necklaces

Why does it take so long for you to make the necklaces? I got this question the other day. The person was referring to a bib I had started beading over a month ago (if you follow me on Instagram you might have seen photos of this).

Well the simple answer is – it takes long. The long answer is – it is a bit more complicated than it looks.

First it can be a struggle just to get the beads on the beading wire (I have once calculated that a bib can take up to three hours depending on the beads). Then I need to cut the wire into the strands with just the right amount of beads (I have to measure each one so that it will be just that little bit longer than another). And last assemble the strands to the bib (here it is tricky to get the strands to get the right bend and not to fall off on one side while I am putting them together). Attaching the chain and clasp is pretty straight forward.

The white bib necklace I was making is now finished. And it got two friends… a green and a black one. 🙂

I am really happy with all of them. But (since I secretly am a rebel) the black one is my absolute fave one.

I hope to have them in my shop soon! And many more necklaces in this style can be found in my etsy shop!

I just had to make earrings

An idea at a bus stop

This week, I just had to make earrings. The idea came to me when I was waiting at the bus stop one morning. I just “saw” some circles connected with wire. And when I got home I just had to try it.

So I knew I had circles of two sizes in my drawers. I took them out and just started to move them around until I had formed a shape I liked. And here is what I made…


And just a day or so later I remembered another idea I had where small pendants hang from long chains, but not in a tight cluster. So I had to make those too.

I think these are my favorites, actually.

I hope to list them both in my shop soon! Meanwhile have look for other earrings and don’t forget my etsy shop which has lots more!

Black or white – new bracelets

I am back after a long summer break, and I made some new cuff bracelets. Layers again of course. This time it is a mostly black one and a white one. Which statement bracelet would you choose?


I really like the blueish beads in the black bracelet, seller called them cosmic (like the name too), so I would pick that one.

I hope to be back with more new items soon, but until then check out my shop here or my etsy shop for more jewellery!

Not just one beaded necklace

So I have some new ones to show you. And because I just couldn’t help it I finished not just one beaded necklace, it turned into four.

I don’t know if you remember that I told you that I was making a red bib necklace and a green…ish choker? Well these are finished, but they also got two friends in turquoise and pink. 🙂

And my favourite is the turquoise one, which combines two shades of turquoise beads. I think it might be because I am dreaming of a vacation, and the blue mediterranean sea …

It got just the four strands because … I ran out of beads, oops!

Let me know which one you like the best! (And the necklaces will be in the shop soon I hope.)

Leather chokers are back

Look! The leather chokers in new versions!

I was working on beading that red necklace (sort of half way by now I think) but just felt like doing something completely different. So I took out my leather cords and some beads – and made these little new choker necklaces.

I need to model them to complete the photos, but I hop to have them in my shop soon! And don’t forget that there are plenty more leather choker necklaces in my Etsy shop!

The red beads

Can you believe that I bought these red beads with the idea to make something for Christmas… Well, that did not work out as planned. So I guess starting this beading project now is a good idea, because then it actually might be finished for next xmas. 😛

It is of course, going to be a bib. And I have more of these boxes that I bought that I have not had time to use yet, so I hope to make one now and then.

Meanwhile, the three bracelets I made last week have been added to the shop, here are some photos of them.

I don’t think the red beaded necklace will be ready next week, but there is always the chance that I make something else during the week… ?

See you later!

Remaking and making new

Usually when I create something I go with the flow. This time I decided that I needed to remake a few of my sold choker necklaces. The design has been around for a while and I have made this necklace with many different types of beads and even stones.

It is very seldom my little creative corner (which actually usually is a little space on the floor of the living room) turns into a sort of factory. But this time it kind of did, as the top photo maybe tells you. I took one piece of leather, and glued the beads in different places, one colour at a time.

The purple and the teal green are beads I have used before, so these necklaces will be put straight into my Etsy shop (soon I hope). But the light blue and the red are brand new colours and will be put into my shop here. I just need to take photos wearing them first, I did not get a chance to do that this weekend.

Which colour is your favourite?


New black chain

It was really fun making my first pieces with a new black chain. This metal chain is treated so that it looks dark, and I think it makes it have a more rocker look. This first time I made a necklace with sparkly beads and a pair of earrings where I played with the two nuances of the chains.

Let me know what you think!

I hope to have these up in my shop soon!

Another bracelet

I have been doing a lot of paper work lately. Trying to close the books for last year. But I did take the time to make another bracelet.

This time the multi stranded cuff bracelet is made with green aventurine stones and glass beads. I decided to combine the green with grey and black beads because of the way the stones vary in color.

I really like how this one turned out. If you are curious about others in the same style you can find more bracelets in my shop and also more bracelets on Etsy.

The bracelet is already available in the shop!