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Happy Easter!

Happy Easter

Happy Easter!

Easter weekend is here! And it means time off to spend with the family. So I will just share with you these wild daffodils which in Swedish are called Easter lilies. Because they usually bloom in when it is easter. 😉

If you are curious about Swedish easter traditions, I wrote a post about Swedish easter witches last year.

Dreaming about spring

The snow – and also ice – came back to Stockholm this week. February is a winter month, but it has been such a warm winter, I started dreaming about spring.

When I went to the market, I bought some tulips, just to make myself feel better. Spring is surely coming – I just might have to wait a while.

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So, who am I?

I thought as a first entry it would be a good idea to tell you a little about me.
Hej! Well, I am Swedish so I thought I’d say hello in my own language. Actually I have a bit of Finnish in me too, so Terve. Continue reading