Happy 2019!

Happy New Year! I know it is the middle of January already, and it might be a little late to wish you a happy new year, but fortunately a wish can’t hurt.

So, do you make resolutions? In the past I have never made any promises, because I know myself too well. But this year I actually have some plans that I would like to make a reality. So here we go…

My three point plan for 2019

  • Start to exercise. I need to start working out. In my day job I sit at a desk all day, and (as you might imagine) my creative life also means sitting a lot. So doing some kind of workout would make a big difference for my health.
  • Travel by train. I love to travel and see different places and cultures. I have become more concerned about the effects of flying a lot over the years, so this time I would like to choose a more environmentally friendly way to travel. The plan is that this years summer vacation will go by train.
  • Think before I shop. This is on the same path as above, for the environment. This will be the easiest thing to fulfill actually since I’m not a big shopper anyway. And I have cheated and started last year. I don’t need to be cool and have the latest phone, or anew lamp just because it is pretty, and so on. As long as it’s working – it stays.

Do you have any special plans for this new year? Let me know in the comments below.

New jewelry? Patience, it is coming… Next week I hope, so stay tuned!