Making layered chokers

Making more layered chokers

I enjoy beading, because it is like therapy. So at the moment I am making more layered chokers. The first one (purple) has five strands made and just need assembling. The second will be bronze and olive nuances. I just finished putting all the beads on the wire.

The earlier ones I made was only in a grey scale – black, white and grey.

I plan to do more of these beaded chokers, but when that will be only the future will tell. 🙂

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8 thoughts on “Making layered chokers

  1. Nathalie

    Your chokers are simple and stylish, I love that! Maybe I should start beading too if it’s relaxing. Right now I am into those pretty ugly diamond painting things, which are useless once finished.

    1. Tina Post author

      I had to look up diamond painting. 😀
      All things relaxing is good, sometimes I doodle with old fashioned paint and canvas, which are useless except for collecting dust (I am not a budding artist).

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