Pick and mix candy

pick and mix candy

Pick and mix candy in a supermarket. Photo from wikipedia.

Pick and mix candy – is it so swedish?

Swedes eat the most sweets in the world. According to statistics from 2014 we eat about 18 kilo of candy per person and year. And I must confess that my family probably is one that brings that number up…

These pick and mix shelves are in every supermarket, and have been around since the mid 1980’s. When I was young it was quite expensive compared to buying other types of candy but today it is a cheap type of sweet. A normal price is 7 or 8 euro (8 or 9 US dollars) for a kilo, while a bag of sweet range from anything like 9 to 15 euro per kilo.

I have seen pick and mix candy shops in other countries, but I wonder how common it is with pick and mix shelves everywhere … how is it in your countries?

Looking forward to learning about your countries sweet habits!

5 thoughts on “Pick and mix candy

  1. Nathalie

    They are very common here too nowadays. Most movie theaters have their own candy bars too now. I usually don’t eat much candies…except at it’s Halloween, and then Saint Nicholas and then Christmas LOL

  2. natalya

    Apparently this fashion came to us in Russia from you)))
    I prefer the exact same boxes of raisins and other dry fruits from the republics of Central Asia

  3. Stephanie KILGAST

    I never eat candy. I like chocolate and cake but that’s it.
    We buy groceries at the farmer’s market and at the bio shop for the most and I’ve never seen candy stuff there. But again, we don’t eat them, so might just not have seen them.

    Also, I find those prices pretty expensive compared to the price we pay for veggies or bulk items like rice, lentils or pasta.

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