September and the summer project


It’s almost the middle of September already. We had an amazing summer here in Sweden. It was unusually warm and sunny almost all the time.

This summer our biggest project was to change the wood panels on the family summer cottage.  The boards have been through a lot over the years, and we weren’t sure they still would keep the house safe from fall and winter storms.


Before. The state of the boards, cracking and paint falling off.

We had a six man crew (me, my husband, our son, my mother, my father and my brother) for the job.

The sunny summer worked in our favour. Even though it was really hot working in the sun, it is an advantage. We did not need to worry that the exposed interior of the walls would get wet and the paint on the raw wood dried fast. On the first day, I started painting the wooden boards while my brother began taring down the old panels.

Painted boards

Stack of raw wood behind boards that have a first coat of paint.

The plan was to change the boards on two sides of the house, the ones with most exposure to the sun. But when we had finished them, we noticed we had many boards left and enough materials to change a third side.

To be fair, I must mention that my parents and my brother did most of the work, since me and my husband had our day jobs and only could help out in our spare time.

One side done

If you look closely, you can see a colour difference at the corner between old and new boards.

When it was all done, beside some trimmings around corners and doors, my little family sneaked off to Rhodes, Greece, for a weeks vacation.

So fall begins – here in Stockholm the temperature has dropped and evenings are chilly – and with it a new season for creativity. I have some almost done items just waiting for the finishing touches, so I will be able to show them to you soon.

I hope you all had a lovely summer and will have a great autumn season!

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