Something old – something new

Don’t let the title fool you, I have not been making wedding jewelry. Unless it is a rocker wedding maybe. Because all items are actually leather. 🙂

No, what I mean with the title is that I have been creating not only what ever new ideas I have, I have also focused on looking at which items I have sold before that I can make again.

Remaking items is not always a priority, because making new items is always more rewarding. But now I decided that some of my items in the Etsy shop should be remade. So of the items you see above, both necklaces with just one bead (the blue and the metal) are coming back to my Etsy shop soon!

But my favorite one this week is the layered necklace with white pearls. It was challenging to make the knots in the right place to get the pearls where I wanted them, but I really like the final result.

4 thoughts on “Something old – something new

  1. Ruby

    lol I think you have lovely delicate pieces even for a non rocker wedding in your shop 🙂

    Yes I like the pearl knot one too!

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