Trial and error

So this is a progress report of that design I showed you on Monday. I started out making the necklace according to my sketch, and after that it was many trials and errors.

The problem with the design was the idea with all the pearls on one side. I was hoping that the metal chain would be heavy enough to balance some of the weight. So I tried different lengths of the chains below the pearls, and also above them.

Even though freshwater pearls are not very heavy at all, I could not get the look of the chains the way I wanted them. They kept getting drawn to the side of the pearls, so that they formed an uneven v-shape.

After having tried three or four versions with pearls on one side, I ended up doing this symmetrical design. And I am really happy with it.

The shortest chain will be close to the neck, and the others layered like a bib.

I hope to soon show you modelled pictures, and of maybe of a similar one with black beads too. 🙂

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