Why does it take so long?

New bib necklaces

Why does it take so long for you to make the necklaces? I got this question the other day. The person was referring to a bib I had started beading over a month ago (if you follow me on Instagram you might have seen photos of this).

Well the simple answer is – it takes long. The long answer is – it is a bit more complicated than it looks.

First it can be a struggle just to get the beads on the beading wire (I have once calculated that a bib can take up to three hours depending on the beads). Then I need to cut the wire into the strands with just the right amount of beads (I have to measure each one so that it will be just that little bit longer than another). And last assemble the strands to the bib (here it is tricky to get the strands to get the right bend and not to fall off on one side while I am putting them together). Attaching the chain and clasp is pretty straight forward.

The white bib necklace I was making is now finished. And it got two friends… a green and a black one. 🙂

I am really happy with all of them. But (since I secretly am a rebel) the black one is my absolute fave one.

I hope to have them in my shop soon! And many more necklaces in this style can be found in my etsy shop!

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